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Proposed Schemes

Civil scheme

1. Construction of road from HPL Link Road towards Rajarampur Road 382
2. Construction of Boulder- morum road from Girir Bazar to Tekhali Bridge (5 km length)at Nandigram. Road 200
3. Construction by-passroad from Nandigram Bazar to 'Unchu Pol' at Nandigram (approx 1.5 Kmlength) Road 100
4. Construction of concrete road from Simar Bandh to Anandapur within BaruttarhinglyG.P. under Haldia Block Road 96
5. Construction of concrete road from Babupur P.H.E. to Kalipur via Anarpur and Dhekua. under Sutahata Block. Road 144
6. Construction of Bridge/Box Culvert on Manasatala canal near Paranchak mouza. Bridge/ Culvert 46
7. Upgradation of road from Brajalalchak to Chaitanyapur. - 7.5 K.M. Road 440
8. Upgradation of road with concrete pavement from Chaitanyapur Simana to Hadia BaroCulvert via Chaklalpur bus stand (3.05 km).- Haldia Block Road 130
9. Upgradation of road with concrete pavement at Anarnagar Mouza (0.554 K.M.) -SutahataBlock Road 16
10. Upgradation of road with concrete pavement from Dalimbachak Kaltala to Barabari ShibMandir via Adhikary Para (2.8 K.M) - Haldia block Road 76
11. Upgradation of road with concrete pavement from Bholsara to Hatimore via Amritberia - Mahishadal Block. Road 158
12. Bethkundu Rehabilitation Colony at Geonkhali - Construction of pucca drain -remaining parts and street lighting. Dev of Rehab Colony 60
13. Drainage work at Chaitanyapur- Phase-I: Chaitanyapur more towards Deulpota Canal. Drainage 42
14. Repairing of road from Sutahata Bazar to Horkhali Road 98
15. Repairing of road from Khudiram Square to Mitsubishi Plant. Road 120
16. Repairing of road at Durgachak rehabilitation colony Dev of Rehab Colony 52
17. Repairing of road from CIPET-Medical College Road to NH-41 via Bhabanipur Jail Road 50
18. Construction of surface drain at Purba Raghunathchak Rehabilitation Colony Dev of Rehab Colony 89
19. Road Repairing near Bharatiya Vidyabhaban and Sataku Housing to Hatiberia More. Road 18
20. Approach Road -Shakuntala Housing - 200 mtr. Road 5
21. Bhabanipur Rehabilitation Colony- Phase-III - Road and Drainage work. Dev of Rehab Colony 120
22. Land Development work for Pitambarchak Rehab. Colony Dev of Rehab Colony 27
23. Providing ofinformation board at the important road junction I.e. Manjushreemore, Durgachak Level Crossing & on City Centre to Medical Collegeroad near Meghnad Saha Polytechnic. Misc. Const. work 30
24. Construction of SabjiMandi and surface drain near Micro Business centre at Dangamore. Misc. Const. work 30
25. Biswanath Duttarchak Rehabilitation Colony- Road repairing and allied works. Dev of Rehab Colony 10
26. Repairing of Road from Meghnad Saha Polytechnic to Law Cadollege (HIT More). Road 30
27. Up-gradation of astretch on Exide road near Chiranjibpur Crossing Road 17
28. Construction of concrete road from Brajalalchak Pramaniksura (nh-41) to Bamunchakmore and providing side shouldering at both sides of the concreteroad from Bamunchak more to Basanchak bazaar. Road 66
29. Construction of concrete road of 2 KM length from Srikrishnapur R.H.E. road via Srikrishnapur Primary School to Barada Railway Station. Road 70
30. Construction of road from house of Niranjan Adhikari to Shuklalchak high school Road 40
31. Construction of concrete road of about 2.9 KM from Sahid Bedi to Banka. Road 120
32. Construction of concrete road of 2.7 KM from Reapara Palai Morh to Khodambari-IIG.P. Office via Shib Bazar Road 80
33. Construction of a concrete bridge over the Bholsara Canal near Amritberia Jana Para,J.L. No. 93 & 95. Bridge / Culvert 50
34. Construction ofconcrete road of 2.5 KM from Nandigram (South) High School toDaudpur Taj Club (near Madrasa) via Dhanyakhola Shitala Temple andHigh School at Samsabad and Daudpur G.P., Nandigram Block-I Road 70
35. Construction ofconcrete road of 6.2 KM from Kalagechia P.M.G.S.Y. road toDurbaberia Masjid via Khanpur Kashipur Hospital and Gopalpur High School. Road 250
36. Construction ofconcrete road of about 2.6 KM from Saraswati Bazar to Samsabad G.P.Office via Kanchannagar High School. Road 90
37. Construction ofconcrete road of 2 KM length and 2.5 m width from the house of Balaram Manna to Desh Canal at Baruttar Hingli G.P. Road 115
38. Construction ofconcrete road of 4 KM from the house of Satish Ch Samanta to TajpurPMGSY, JL. NO. 104, 124. Road 140
39. Repairing of road from Kshudiram square to Durgachak level crossing. Road Cost to Evaluate
40. Construction of road from H.I.T mor to Petrol Pump on the road from Ranichak to Township Road Cost to Evaluate
41. Construction of abridge, 40 feet in length, in front of Banibitan Primary School onP.M.G.S.Y road at Boyal-II G.P. Bridge / Culvert 20
42. Construction of Culvertand approach road at Hazrakata Bridge / Culvert 10
43. Construction of Bridge/Box culvert at Garchakraberia Bridge / Culvert 20
44. Construction of culvert near the house of Moniruddin and Pukaddin at Kumarpur (Booth No.1022) Bridge / Culvert 7
45. Construction of culvertat Purba Srikrishnapur Bridge / Culvert 5
46. Construction of draina long Adani Wilmer road Drainage 55
47 Embankment protection work and providing side shoulder of bituminous road from Gholpukurto Amdabad School at Nandigram Road 53
48. Embankment protection work for the bituminous road from Dighasipur, Talpukur (nh-41) toBPHC Road 5
49. Construction of balance roads, installation of 2nos tube well at Bethkundu RehabilitationColony. Dev of Rehab Colony 55
50. Development work (Road,Drainage, etc.) for Chakdwipa Rehab. Colony Dev of Rehab Colony 40
51. Construction of balance drain work at Bhabanipur Rehab Colony Phase-I Dev of Rehab Colony 80
52 Construction of Eye-Hospital for Lion's Club, Haldia Misc. Const. work 70
53 Construction of‘Gateway to Haldia Town’ Misc. Const. work 25
54 Renovation of Rabindra Pathagar at Mahishadal. Misc. Renov. work 22
55 Renovation of Pragyananda Bhawan at Mahishadal Misc. Renov. work Cost To Evaluate
56 Construction of a Ferry Ghat between Nurpur and Gadiara at Geonkhali, J.L. No. – 157 Water Trnsprt Cost To Evaluate
57 Construction of road from Nandigram Bus stand to Haripur G.P. Road 200
58 Construction of Bituminous road from Jauri More to Garchakraberia Road 250
59 Construction of Pucca road from Nandigram Janakinath Mandir in Kandapasra Road 125
60 Construction a Bridgeat Nandigram Bazar (6.0 Mtr length x 5.0 Mtr width) Bridge/ Culvert 7
61 Repair and renovation of Nandigram Bus Stand Misc. Const. work Cost to evaluated
62 Construction of bituminous road from Sijberia to ECL Company via Anantapur HighSchool to Gobindapur. (Length - 3.7 K.M., Width – 3 mtr.) Road Cost to evaluated
63 Construction ofconcrete road from Sutahata B.D.O. office to Ashadtalia Uttar PalliLakshmi Mandir via Ashadtalia Shitala Mandir via Subal Dhara's Houseupto the house of Ajijul Rahaman. (Length – 2.2 KM, W – 2.5 mtr.) Road Cost to evaluated
64 Repairing of Road from CPT market to CWC go down via Durgachak Police Station Road Cost to evaluated
65 Repairing of Road from Talpukur Bus Stand to Jagdish Jana’s house (Ward No. 10) Road Cost to evaluated
66 Beautification of marshy lands (Jhils) in Ward No. 4,7,8,9 and 10. Misc. Const. work Cost to evaluated
67 Construction of Concrete road from Rashamay Karan’s house to Narayan Bhakta’s housein front of Sabuj Prithivi nursery school. (Ward No. 4) Road Cost to evaluated
68 Filling up of the allotted land to S.P. Purba Medinipur for construction of BhabanipurPS, SDPO Haldia Office-cum-residence, EF Lines, Traffic unit Housingetc. Misc. Const. work 67
69 Repair work of the E.F.Line Haldia Sub-Division Building presently accommodated in aportion of Boys Hostel at I.T.I Misc. Const. work Cost to evaluated
70 Construction of Haldia Trade centre Misc. Const. work 2000

Water Supply Work

1 Laying of water supplyline from Chaitynapur to Brajolalchak including reservoir, pumphouse for 25 mgd water supply scheme Phase-II. Water Supply 2085
2 Laying of DistributionNetwork from Geonkhali to Chaitanyapur and Chaitanyapur toBasudevpur & construction of C.W.R & Pump House at Basudevpur fornew 25 MGD W.T.P,Phase-I Water Supply 6513
3 Disconnection ofexisting industries from existing pipeline along HPL Link road andreconnecting the same with the newly laid line Water Supply 30

Electrical work

1. Electrificationworks at Housing Estate, rehab colony, segregation of bulk poweretc. (6 nos. scheme) Electrical 143
2. Installation ofStreet Light in Different Locations Electrical 153
3. Illumination ofHousing Complex Area, Different Roads in Municipality Area (5 nos.scheme). Electrical 115
4. Miscellaneous Electrical works (6no. Schemes) Electrical 24