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Construction of concrete road from Sonachura Bhangabera to Paresh Manna's Katan.(NIT-63)

Out side repairing and painting of H block at Anasua Housing Estate. (NIT-61)

Construction of concrete road from Balaipanda to Samrabazar.(NIT-50 2nd call)

Construction of Additional two numbers class room at second floor(East Block) of mahishadal Raj College.(NIT-49 2nd call)

Construction of concrete road from Satyeswar Maity's house to All Star Club.(NIT-51 2nd call)

Beautification of Riverside Garden near Ganga Mandir at Uttar Narghat.(NIT-60)

Protection work of Deulia to Mandargachia road.(NIT-45 2nd call)

Beautification, Sweeping, Cleaning, Maintenance, Surveillance and Arrangement of Security Guard for Nandakumar Rotary, Nandakumar.(NIT-108 3rd Call)

Repairing and Up-gradation of existing bituminous road from Hazrakata to kendumari ferry Ghat Under Nandigram-I Panchayet Samity.(NIT-57)

Widening of existing bridge near Machlandapur Gora Saheb towarda  the way house of Lt. Freedom fighter satish Chandra Samanta.(NIT-54)