How to Reach Haldia

  Source Route Frequency Journey Time Distance
By Road Esplanade near Sahid Minar Esplanade (by Bus) to Raichak via Amtala to Raichak. Raichak to Kukrahati by Ferry, then Kukrahati to Haldia by Bus. Every 15 min. to 30 min. 3.5 hours 81 Kms.
Esplanade near Sahid Minar Esplanade by A.C. Bus via NH-6 via Kolaghat to Nandakumar to Haldia (NH-41). 6.45 A.M. 4.00 P.M. 5.30 P.M. 2.5 hours 122 Kms.
By Rail Howrah Railway Stn. By train via Panskura, Tamluk to Haldia Bandar Station. Morning and Evening 4 hours 135 Kms.
Howrah Station By train upto Mecheda Station then by Bus to Haldia (NH-41). Every 20 min. 2.5 hours 135 Kms.
Sealdah Station. (South Section) By Train Sealdah to Diamond Harbour. Diamond Harbour to Kukrahati by Ferry. Kukrahati to Haldia by bus. 1 hour to 1.25 hours. 3.75 hours 86 Kms.
By Road (By Car) Dumdum Airport Dumdum airport take right turn to Jashor road to Belghoria Express way to Bali bridge to NH-6 via Kolaghat (Haldia Morh) take Left turn to Mecheda (NH-41) to Haldia via Nandakumar. ------ 3 hours 160 Kms.
    Dumdum airport to Eastern Bypass to Science City take right turn to Park Circus fly over to Hooghly Bridge to NH-6 via Kolaghat (Haldia Morh) take Left turn to Mecheda (NH-41) to Haldia via Nandakumar. ------- 3 hours 165 Kms.


Time Table

Ferry Service :

From Raichak to Kukrahati :

First Ferry : 6.30 A.M.
Frequency : 30 Min.
Last Ferry : 8.40 P.M.

From Kukrahati to Raichak :

First Ferry : 6.00 A.M.
Frequency : 30 Mins.
Last Ferry : 8.00 P.M.
Train Service :

From Howrah to Haldia :
First Train : 6.00 A.M.
Next Train : 6.00 P.M.

From Haldia to Howrah :

First Train : 5.30 A.M.
Next Train : 5.30 P.M.
A.C. Bus Service :

From Esplanade to Haldia :
First Bus : 6.45 A.M.
Next Bus : 4.00 P.M.
Last Bus : 5.30 P.M.

From Haldia to Esplanade :

First Bus : 7.00 A.M.
Next Bus: 8.00 A.M.
Last Bus : 4.45 P.M.